Sunday, April 28, 2013

False Start

After three posts and almost two years - I'm trying this again. This time I think it might work, because instead of just me contributing, it'll be here goes.

Yesterday we took advantage of the great weather and our VIP passes to go and visit Sea World. As you can see from the picture, some of us were more excited about this than others. In fact, the most exciting thing in our daughter's day seems to be getting to put on that hat. The excitement levels lifted substantially when the Dolphins came out to do their thing, but they were fighting for attention from the resident seagulls and pigeons - not exactly the major drawcards for Sea World.

After the Dolphins, my wife treated our daughter to two goes on the carousel, followed by a quick lunch and a swift exit - the benefit of the VIP passes. We didn't tell her that the real reason we were leaving early was so that we could leave her at Grandma's place whilst Mum and Dad went out on a date!