Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas Traditions

Christmas came and went and I had big plans for so many fun traditions this year (well last year now). Maybe it was the freak storm at the end of November that threw me, but we were able to settle on a few traditions that we would like to continue as our family grows.

Putting up the Christmas Tree

The Tree goes up on December 1st, that's a given.  And lucky too, because the storm hit the week before (when I thought I might be nice to put the tree up) and smashed all of our front windows and blew the house into disarray!   So I think we'd better stick to December 1.

We usually have yummy drinks and snacks to help us along as we put the tree up.  This year our dear friend Brother Swaine was there to lend us a hand.  So we drank sparkling apple juice, ate chocolates and fruit mince pies as we listened to carols and decorated the tree.  The girl's loved it!

Cassata Ice-cream cake.

This is one we have been doing for a few years.  A good excuse to eat ice-cream and lollies! We make it early December and then EAT it throughout the month :)  In years past we have shared our first slice with these lovely people.  But this year they were overseas, so we sent them this picture instead.

Fruit Mince Pies

This has been a tradition in the Leicester family for decades, and one that will be passed down for sure! The famous Leicester Fruit Mince Pies.  They should be famous - they are DELICIOUS.  We take in turns making the fruit mince and sharing it amongst the family, then we're left with the task of baking at least 10 dozen throughout the Christmas season to use up all the mince.  The pastry frustrates me every year.  I've yet to get it right the first go, but they are definitely worth the effort.

Christmas Eve pyjamas.  

We thought we'd give this one a try this year.  The 'ELVES' left them during the afternoon on Christmas Eve.  E was excited to shower and put them on, especially because they were 'Frozen' pj's.  It didn't really encourage her to bed any earlier, but she also didn't really understand Christmas yet this year.  I think next year will be a lot different.

Nativity Scenes

We were so fortunate to be able to buy a number of beautiful nativities whilst we were in Prague earlier in the year.  These are the first 'decorations' we put up.  The Sunday before the tree is the day for Nativities and we explained to Eadie what Christmas was all about.  It's a lovely tradition we have started for our family.  And because we now have so many, and even one the girls can play with, they will always be constantly reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

There are lots of little things I try to do during the lead up to Christmas that don't need to be traditions (because let's face it, that's a lot of pressure to keep up with each year!) So during December we try to: donate to the Kmart wishing tree; deliver goodies to the neighbours; go to carols at least once, somewhere...anywhere; do an advent calendar (very poorly this year) and enjoy the season!  If we get some of that done, I am happy!