Monday, May 6, 2013

Budding Artist

Just recently, our daughter has taken up drawing. By "taken up", I mean that she occasionally rips the drawer open, scatters the crayons on the floor, tosses a couple of pieces of paper in the air and then starts to scribble on them where they fall. I love watching her concentration as she scribbles on the page and I have to laugh (to myself) as she looks up for an approving nod or a comment on her latest masterpiece. She looks so pleased with herself as she holds up (usually the wrong way around) her latest offering to the world of modern art for critique and appraisal.

It makes me wonder about how important it is at this young age to help instill them with confidence and a sense of achievement. To me it's as though the crumpled piece of paper, with its riot of waxy rainbow colours, is a representation of her self esteem offered to us for approval. How could I NOT say that it's a wonderful drawing? In my mind, I hope that each masterpiece and corresponding positive critique helps her know that she CAN do wonderful things and that one day she'll offer up something to the world that will be received with just as much praise and positive feedback. It's a while off, because as I write this, she's trying to eat a plastic box.

Her first published artwork. It was quickly removed by the artist and has been replaced by her preferred medium of finger paint on paper.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Kitchen Window

I love looking out of our kitchen window, especially on a nice sunny day and even more so when the lawn has been mowed and the garden is tidy (it was almost all three today).  As I looked up from doing the dishes I added a fourth love to the view from the kitchen window - seeing E helping her daddy hang out the washing. 

With great delight she handed each peg over, one at a time.  Several had to be recovered from the grass, but that was probably more exciting than getting them from the peg basket.

When she's tall enough she'll be able to hang the washing out all by herself! :)