Sunday, February 8, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

Miss E turned 3 in January.  Birthdays are easy and exciting at 3.  She knew after Christmas it would be her birthday so the countdown was on.

She was the proud recipient of a Spiderman scooter!  She rode it around the house all morning.

 We filled the day with shopping to spend birthday money ($5 from Grammy and Grandad and $5 from our neighbour); going on rides at the shopping centre and actually putting money in!!!; and birthday frozen yoghurt!  So simple and so fun :)

 She requested spaghetti for dinner (her favourite) and then it was time for cake!

Later in the week we had a birthday party at the local park.  She was so excited (after going to parties for lots of her friends she realised she could have one when it was her birthday, so I gave in).  Her only requests were sausages and cake though!  EASY!!

She chose this pig cake from the Woman's Weekly cookbook.  I think I actually did okay this time (on the oustide)  The cake itself was overcooked and dry.  The kids didn't care!

Happy 3rd birthday Miss E! 

Boxing Day with the Leicesters

It's always great to play with the cousins! Thanks Suzenanna and Grandy for putting in a swimming pool this year!

Delicious roast turkey, ham, lamb and salads with baked potato for lunch.  Fruit mince pies, pudding, custard and cream for dessert.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas...

Christmas morning sounded like little feet pattering down the hall.  Instead of coming straight towards our bedroom, they detoured to the lounge where they promptly stopped.  Within seconds, the patter turned into fast thumping as the feet ran towards our bedroom and stopped at the side of the bed.  Whispering, "daddy...guess what!"  Miss E was SO EXCITED! Santa had been and she couldn't wait to open presents.

\Bleary eyed we enjoyed opening presents together.

We have created a little tradition of having some friends over for breakfast on Christmas morning,  It usually consists of sausages, bacon, hashbrowns, tomatoes, mushrooms, fruit, youghurt and sometimes pancakes! So good!

Off to mum's for lunch and then a nice relax by the pool and in front of the TV.  Perfect weather this year, and a perfect day.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Christmas Eve!!!

As you get older, it seems that the excitement about Christmas changes.  It's all brought back though when you have kids around! and this year Miss E was old enough to be excited.  Miss F was just excited about the decorations.

In our efforts to make sure Miss E understood why we were celebrating Christmas (the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ) we realised we had not once mentioned Santa to her.  She knew who Santa was - had seen him in the shops and in her cartoons etc, but she didn't realise he brought PRESENTS!!! Nor did she realise he came on his magical REINDEER and snuck into the house! How could we have missed this!  We filled her in.

We managed to make our very first gingerbread house (from a kit, don't get too excited) on Christmas Eve. Miss E was very much into eating the lollies.

We started a tradition this year of Elves bringing some 'magic' pyjamas to help the girls sleep so Santa could come.  Miss E, like every other 2 year old, is smitten by Frozen, so naturally her pj's were of Elsa and Ana. Miss F couldn't care less, so she got whatever was on sale :)

A fun tradition we started a few years ago, was to buy take-away dinner on Christmas Eve.  This year we had a picnic in the living room! The simple things are often the best.

Santa loves fruit mince pies, and Miss E LOVED leaving them out for him!  Some special reindeer food was also sprinkled out on the driveway.

Off to bed for a 'deep' sleep so Santa could bring the presents!