Saturday, April 25, 2015

Baking with Eadie

Eadie loves to bake and help in the kitchen.  She is a little more confident than her ability, but I don't mind a helper every now and then.  She is good at measuring out the flour and mixing things together. I usually draw the line at eggs.  I will always do the eggs.

In this instance however, she assured me she had it.  She knew exactly how to crack the eggs and she wanted to give it a go.  I gave in and let her.

She was right, she knew exactly how to do it - she'd watched me many times.  She grabbed that egg, tapped it firmly on the bench and then stuck her fingers inside the shell to open it up.  PERFECT! I guess I had forgotten to explain what to do next though, because she opened it up onto the bench, and put the egg shell into our brownie mix! Too funny! We had a good laugh about it for days.

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