Sunday, February 8, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

Miss E turned 3 in January.  Birthdays are easy and exciting at 3.  She knew after Christmas it would be her birthday so the countdown was on.

She was the proud recipient of a Spiderman scooter!  She rode it around the house all morning.

 We filled the day with shopping to spend birthday money ($5 from Grammy and Grandad and $5 from our neighbour); going on rides at the shopping centre and actually putting money in!!!; and birthday frozen yoghurt!  So simple and so fun :)

 She requested spaghetti for dinner (her favourite) and then it was time for cake!

Later in the week we had a birthday party at the local park.  She was so excited (after going to parties for lots of her friends she realised she could have one when it was her birthday, so I gave in).  Her only requests were sausages and cake though!  EASY!!

She chose this pig cake from the Woman's Weekly cookbook.  I think I actually did okay this time (on the oustide)  The cake itself was overcooked and dry.  The kids didn't care!

Happy 3rd birthday Miss E! 

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