Saturday, February 7, 2015

Christmas Eve!!!

As you get older, it seems that the excitement about Christmas changes.  It's all brought back though when you have kids around! and this year Miss E was old enough to be excited.  Miss F was just excited about the decorations.

In our efforts to make sure Miss E understood why we were celebrating Christmas (the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ) we realised we had not once mentioned Santa to her.  She knew who Santa was - had seen him in the shops and in her cartoons etc, but she didn't realise he brought PRESENTS!!! Nor did she realise he came on his magical REINDEER and snuck into the house! How could we have missed this!  We filled her in.

We managed to make our very first gingerbread house (from a kit, don't get too excited) on Christmas Eve. Miss E was very much into eating the lollies.

We started a tradition this year of Elves bringing some 'magic' pyjamas to help the girls sleep so Santa could come.  Miss E, like every other 2 year old, is smitten by Frozen, so naturally her pj's were of Elsa and Ana. Miss F couldn't care less, so she got whatever was on sale :)

A fun tradition we started a few years ago, was to buy take-away dinner on Christmas Eve.  This year we had a picnic in the living room! The simple things are often the best.

Santa loves fruit mince pies, and Miss E LOVED leaving them out for him!  Some special reindeer food was also sprinkled out on the driveway.

Off to bed for a 'deep' sleep so Santa could bring the presents!

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